To my sister

In Poems4u on December 15, 2009 at 8:19 am

For my Sister Mariah

You are exceptional dear sister

Always put others before you

Denying yourself for our comfort

And many tears you shed for us

A big burden you took upon your shoulders

Yet very young and you didn’t falter

You did not stop to wonder or ponder

What lies beyond the yonder

You did put everything on hold

For our young hearts u did mould

And we really felt bold

For our dreams did not fold!

And we’ll be forever grateful

And pray the Lord almighty

Your desires and aspirations

He will remember them eternally

Every morning till this day

You rise early to say a prayer for us

Yes! You have been a pillar

And a great anchor

For our too much hectic life!

My sister my confidant

Your heart’s fragile yet very strong

Has never withered among our troubles

Always keen to listen and stand by us

In our happy moments and our darkest hour

A shoulder to lean on and a pat on the back

Wish I could have the same strength dear

To lift you to the highest when u dipping low

I cannot promise to take all your troubles

And throw them to the raging seas

But I can promise you one tiny kiss

Everytime you feel you need a friend

Dear sister I cannot tell but do recount

Numerous times I almost gave up

You were the wind beneath my wings

And helped me glide from the grey skies

When miles apart you were my strength

Teaching me to follow my dreams

Always my inspiration to aspire for greatness

My sister my fulcrum, always keeping my balance!

“Siémpre, Helaéna”


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