To my Godfather

In Poems4u on December 10, 2009 at 12:04 pm

For My Godfather

I cannot boast I travelled wide
But I have met a lot of people
Some have became friends
Others have turned foes

Good friends I made along the way
Some I lost and some I gained
Though I am not perfect
I believe I can be better

I have so much be grateful for
The good and bad times
The memories etched deep
Just like ink sipping through
On the ancient papyrus Scroll

My Godfather,I will always
Be indebted to you always
Will say a silent prayer for you
For taking me under your wing
And throwing me a lifeline
When I was almost drowning

May the good Lord keep you
May all your days be bright
All your nights be brilliant
Even without the moonlight

You never know, what’s round the corner
Till you find yourself a sojourner
Stranded on a dark highway
And an angel comes your way

I may not have much to offer
But I will keep and hold dear
All that you taught me
And uphold your wise counsel
Forever and always!



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