In Poems4u on December 7, 2009 at 11:17 am

To someone special

Seated on the window sill
I look out into the distant
Looking through the void
Just like my heart….
Feeling the emptiness..
Crunch me like on a vise
Yes! The loneliness

I think of my yester years
And it grips me, the fear
Of being alone, in the morro
Yet many I did give a cold shoulder
And a nod I denied

Yesterday is but a memory
Today I wait to see what it holds
For tomorro…you never know
And you be left to ponder
Looking over the yonder
And too much wonder
Of the great chances you lost

So today, I will embrace what the Lord
Will send my way…
And with grace accept
Strive to be a better person
And will finally beat this…
Alienation I did create
So I can be radiant once again
Shine a light through the gloom
Of this lonely heart!



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